Privacy and personal data protection policies

OROZCO CLOTHING knows the importance of your information, for this reason, the security and confidentiality with which we treat your data is very important to us; to learn more about the security of your data, we invite you to continue reading our privacy policy, where we tell you a little about the information we collect and the treatment we give it.

Personal data protection policy

OROZCO CLOTHING communicates to its stakeholders its General Policy on Personal Data Protection.

The personal data held by OROZCO CLOTHING, in its capacity as responsible and/or in charge, will be treated in compliance with the principles and regulations provided in the applicable Colombian laws, which are aligned with international best practices in the field.

OROZCO CLOTHING will process such personal data in accordance with the following general purposes:

For the fulfillment of obligations arising from existing contractual relationships with its stakeholders.

To comply with legal obligations involving the personal data of its stakeholders.

For the commercial management and relationship with its stakeholders.

For prospective analysis of trends, preferences, behaviors, and habits of its stakeholders.

To inform about products and their quality, about the company, trends, benefits, events, alliances, general information, and fulfilling obligations.

In the corporate processes that are necessary and according to the personal data collected and treatment to be carried out, the respective privacy notice will previously inform the particular purposes, and if the treatment will be carried out by a person in charge of it under the direction of OROZCO CLOTHING.

Data science/analysis, with which we combine information we maintain on a large scale in order to:

    • Better understand our customers and their preferences.
    • Identify patterns and trends among our customers
    • Improve the user experience on our websites
    • Develop new products and services
    • Monitor the performance of our products and services and/or improve our technology
  • To be able to send you personalized marketing messages

Any person who is part of one of our stakeholders, in relation to the processing of their personal data has the right to:

Exercise their right of Habeas Data consisting of knowing, updating, rectifying, opposing and canceling the information collected from them, in those cases where it is appropriate.

Exercise the actions that Colombian law recognizes in matters of personal data protection and Habeas Data.

For the exercise of Habeas Data, the holder of the personal data or whoever demonstrates a legitimate interest as indicated in the current regulations may do so by contacting us by e-mail: INFO@OROZCOCLOTHING.CO.COM Whoever exercises the Habeas Data must accurately provide the contact information requested in order to be contacted in connection with your request and deploy the burdens for the exercise of their rights.

Once the request for the exercise of Habeas Data is received, OROZCO CLOTHING will respond to queries and/or claims as indicated in Articles 14 and 15 of Law 1581 of 2012.

The treatment of personal data that OROZCO CLOTHING performs according to this policy, will be based on the rules, procedures, and instructions adopted by this institution for compliance with the legislation applicable to the protection of personal information.

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