Buy local, buy Colombian

There is a lot of talk about supporting local businesses. Under the slogan buy local, buy Colombian, hundreds of entrepreneurs seek to raise awareness about the importance of supporting the domestic economy and preserving our cultural richness as they enhance their projects.

Helping to strengthen the economy behind small and medium-sized businesses and generating employment are reasons why buying local is our investment in the community.

Love and good work made garments

Orozco Clothing, a 100% Colombian brand, through its creative proposal, seeks to preserve the traditional craft of tailoring combined with raw materials of the highest quality made here in our country.

Today, we want to tell you about our processes, about what inspires us every day so that each garment reaches its final destination. A whole journey full of love and good work so that finally, you have in your hands an Orozco Clothing garment:

  • The ecological process of fabrics: many of our garments do not require the use of water for their manufacture. Laser-printed fabrics are a good example.
  • Garments made by 100% local talent with local raw materials.
  • Customized processes: jeans, as well as some other garments, can be made to measure, which guarantees a final product made 100% for you.
  • Tailors are working to please you: our raison d’être is to make you feel cool with what you wear. That’s why expert tailors take care of every adjustment you consider necessary to make the garment fit you.

We make it easy for you

But no process would be complete without making it even easier for you. We love to see you in our stores, but we understand that there’s not always time to get to them. Choose your favorite items online, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep.

For those who love our brand and live abroad, we will soon have a website offering a personalized shopping alternative without borders.

Buy local, buy Colombian, buy Orozco!

We are also waiting for you in our physical stores.


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